Candide Thovex Launches New Outerwear Brand

Candide Thovex Launches New Outerwear Brand


Candide Thovex Launches New Outerwear Brand


The GOAT of freeride skiing, Candide Thovex, just dropped a brand-new line of skiing outerwear, layers, and accessories.

The brand is simply named, Candide.

The skier tweeted the announcement yesterday:

The gear looks simple, and functional. No flashy colors or wacky designs, and I’m totally okay with that.

The CANDIDE collection is a testament functionality, performance, and sustainable quality. Every item was conceptualized, designed, and pieced together in close collaboration with Candide Thovex. With a lifetime of experience on the snow and working with a handful of passionate professionals in their fields, Candide’s mission was to offer something different to the market, keeping a few key directives in mind. In an era of overdesigned product, Candide wanted to take things back to the essentials. In that sense, he followed a top down approach, to get rid of the unnecessary. This resulted in concepts that would answer those needs, designed with timeless appeal and produced with the utmost respect for the environment.”

That’s all well and good, but I still have one lingering question in my mind… “If I buy Candide’s jacket, will that make me ski like him?” Well, probably not… but at least you can look like him!

Candide’s New 3L Jacket for $685

I’d pay an exorbitant amount of money for his abilities on the sticks.

Wouldn’t you?


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