Powder day lift line
Powder day lift line buzz kill...


That sounds kooky. I can explain.

Something is missing at ski areas this season. Sliding on snow is always awesome, but the vibe feels different between laps. Where’s the energy? Base areas are so quiet. Masks are up, which isn’t unusual when it’s cold, but with visitors required to keep mouths and noses covered (that could suck on warm days) plus the separation of singles and smaller group sizes, base area energy is lacking. Where’s the stoke? I bet the lifties aren’t having as much fun this season. They’re used to overjoyed skiers and boarders loading their lifts.

It’ll be up to individuals to make the most of our time in line this season. Same goes for lift chairs. Despite what your parents might say, it is okay to celebrate a good run or strike up a conversation with a stranger. Maybe lifties and maze attendants should get paid more to be animated. Snow dances are cool. So are costumes, boom boxes, and high fives.

“We’re going to need more high fives this season.”

I was high-fiving strangers today. Those who would touch my glove, at least. No skin was showing yet some treated me like a leper. At one point I turned around and asked the front half of the maze how stoked they were to be on snow. I made sure not to yell directly toward anyone close to me, and gave about 80% lung effort. I have a big voice so that was plenty. But only about half who heard my muffled enthusiasm responded, and about half of them gave a half-ass response.

We’re going to need a group effort to keep the fire lit this winter. I hope it’s not this quiet on the first pow day.I’m in Tahoe and I usually spend a lot of time avoiding the resorts because of the crowds, so it’s strange to say this but I just now noticed…I appreciate the upbeat energy usually felt at base areas on holidays, opening days, pow days, etc. We’re going to need more high fives this season. Even if they’re within your own group. Good energy is contagious. Let’s not forget how much fun this is supposed to be.

By Adam Broderick (aka @AdamIsStoked)

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