Midwest Stoke Report- Tyrol Basin Ski Swap

Midwest Stoke Report- Tyrol Basin Ski Swap


Midwest Stoke Report- Tyrol Basin Ski Swap


I attended Tyrol Basin’s 23rd annual ski swap to find the answer to one question:
How STOKED is the Midwest for the 2020/2021 ski season?

SPOILER: The Midwest is beyond stoked…

We’ve seen some of the earliest openings for ski areas in the Midwest, and people showed up in droves to Tyrol Basin’s 23rd Annual Ski Swap.

The checkout line zigged and zagged around the area

One ski patroller told me this year’s swap was, “the busiest he’s ever seen”. 

Children, teenagers, college kids, young adults, parents, and seniors were spotted braving the frigid temps and long lines, but the vibe was cheerful and exciting. It felt good to be back around skiers and boarders.

Skis for sale at Tyrol Basin’s 23rd Annual Ski Swap

I didn’t purchase anything, but I’m confident Tyrol was able to raise a substantial amount of money based solely on how many people showed up.

The ski area hasn’t started making snow yet, but I couldn’t help myself from taking some pictures. It looks like Tyrol has some decently steep terrain for its size!

I could feel the anticipation for winter in the air

I can’t wait to take my Indy Pass out to Tyrol Basin this season. Where are you taking yours? Let me know! matt@unofficialnetworks.com

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