HEADS UP…there’s a moose that needs our help. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is asking the public to keep an eye out for a male moose with rope tangled in his antlers around the Brainard Lake Recreation Area.  Dan Reynolds captured a video of the poor guy and had this to say:

“This is a moose near Lake Isabelle with a rope wrapped around his neck & antlers. The Division of Wildlife is aware of it but does not think it’s in any danger so they are refusing to tranquilize it & remove the rope. They are saying the rope is only around his antlers & they don’t want to risk shocking him by tranquilizing him. His ears are tagged so obviously they didn’t mind tranquilizing him to do that. The rope is clearly tight around his neck & bell. Please repost this. Email is: brdvis@fs.fed.us or call 303-541-2500 & 970-295-6700 to let them know how you feel about this.”




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