“We surpassed $6K in contributions for grooming yesterday from 150 people. Nice Work! Next groom will be tomorrow night and then we will be on a weekly schedule of twice a week for the next three weeks. Please, please DO NOT GATHER IN GROUPS ANYWHERE ON THE MOUNTAIN OR AT THE BASE so we can keep it open for all to enjoy!”

Jackson Hole News & Guide reports Snow King Mountain has reached its $6,000 fundraising goal and will have enough resources to groom slopes for uphill skiers through the end of April. Snow King officially ceased normal operations on March 16th but will continue providing fresh corduroy during the COVID-19 pandemic:

“It’s a little different picture for us because we’re shut down, and there’s no income for us, but I think it’s a positive thing people are getting out and enjoying the hill, and that’s why we’re doing this campaign.” –Snow King GM Ryan Stanley

Skier Chris Leigh said the coronavirus situation didn’t so much instill anxiety in him, but caution.

“This is self-isolation on Snow King.You can get away without violating the [social distancing] rule, get some good exercise, get out, get some sun, see some people, say hello.”

As of now, you can still ski Snow King. No telling how long that lasts.


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