Colorado Search & Rescue Teams Urge Backcountry Skiers To Keep It Mellow

Colorado Search & Rescue Teams Urge Backcountry Skiers To Keep It Mellow


Colorado Search & Rescue Teams Urge Backcountry Skiers To Keep It Mellow


“We’re anticipating a higher amount of rescues just as people start to get cabin fever and start getting outside. So we will be utilizing N95 masks. If we do a rescue on someone that has symptoms or a known exposure to COVID, it might be the case that we’ve lost those eight members for 14 days on rescues at a minimum.” -Drew Hildner of The Rocky Mountain Rescue Group

Colorado Public Radio is putting out the word to people thinking of hitting up the backcountry during the COVID-19 pandemic that search and rescue teams want you to keep it mellow and not put yourselves in a position where you might need the professionals to come out and save your ass:

“It’s kind of like going to a community pool with no lifeguards. If you feel safe, do it. But if there’s any doubt in your mind, you may want to stay out of the water.” –Dawn Wilson, Alpine Rescue Team

Here’s the deal, if you call for help the pros aren’t going to leave you high and dry but they won’t have all their normal resources available:

“While we will still respond, we’ll still rescue them — it’s not with the same resources that we would use under normal circumstances. So they ought to dial back the risks that they take and places that they go with that in mind,” –Steve Wilson, Alpine Rescue Team

Then you have to keep in mind that if your emergency ends up exposing rescuers to COVID-19, you may well limit their resources further by forcing the rescuers themselves into quarantine. Now is not the time to put avoidable stress on the search and rescue network. Know your limits and don’t take big risks, for your sake and the sake of search and rescue teams. Keep it mellow and do your part to flatten the curve:

“Stay out of the high country. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense right now. Yes, get out, get exercise, do what you need to for your health and your sanity. But I don’t think that this is a time for people to push their limits,”  Drew Hildner, Rocky Mountain Rescue Group

Here’s a statement from Colorado Search and Rescue Association (CSAR):

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