5 Most Viewed Ski Videos on Youtube

5 Most Viewed Ski Videos on Youtube


5 Most Viewed Ski Videos on Youtube


These are the five most viewed skiing vides on Youtube as of March 10, 2020.

most insane ski line ever: matchstick productions- 12m views

The sickest line I’ve ever seen. Could watch this a million times without it getting old.

one of those days 3: candide thovex- 15m views

Candide is the man…man. This won’t be the last time he’s on this list either. The guy churns out viral videos like it’s his job. I guess it is nowadays?

skiing with peppa pig!: peppa pig official channel- 16m views

So uh… not a traditional skiing video, but it still counts! I guess the kiddos really like watching barnyard animals navigate the slopes.

What animal would make the best skier? My money is on a mountain goat. Ya’ll ever seen the balance those things have?

one of those days 2: candide thovex- 26m views

Only Candide can make a shaky GoPro video with poor sound quality so damn entertaining. You can film this guy skiing with a potato and it would still get more views than any other skier out there.

skiing Stereotypes: Dude Perfect- 35m views

Say what you want about Dude Perfect, but they kind of hit the nail right on the head with this video. I’m definitely a map memorizer.

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