Coyote Bites Skier in Yellowstone

Coyote Bites Skier in Yellowstone


Coyote Bites Skier in Yellowstone


According to NBC Montana, a female cross-country skier was bitten by a coyote on trail at Yellowstone National Park last week.

The initial report says that the skier was taken to emergency services for lacerations and puncture wounds on her arms. She did not sustain any critical injuries. The coyote was tracked, killed, and captured to test for rabies.

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Yellowstone sounds like an absolutely wild place. I feel like I read a story every week about some dumba** petting a bison, idiots walking over Old Faithful, and now a poor woman getting attacked by a coyote.

What would it take the National Park Service to allow a reality television show to be filmed at Yellowstone? You can’t tell me you wouldn’t watch it.

*Next Week On Yellowstone Diaries… A man mistakes a bear for a deer, a group of tourists are too busy taking photos to realize the bison charging at them, and find out what happened to the drunk guy who thought Old Faithful can’t be “that hot”…”

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