Moose Back On The Loose At Breckenridge

Moose Back On The Loose At Breckenridge


Moose Back On The Loose At Breckenridge


There was a ton of moose footage out of Breck last season (most famously this video) and it seems our antlered friends who can stand taller than a horse and reach up to 1,300lbs are back to there old tricks….buzzing lift lines, raising pulses and creating unforgettable memories for tourists.

Here’s some advise from on what to do in a moose encounter:

What Moose Want

Moose tend to be low-key, but can be–well–moody. Males are more likely to act aggressive in early fall (mating season) and females in late summer (protecting calves). They also really dislike dogs.

  • If You See a Moose: Talk calmly, and back away. Give him about 50 feet of personal space.
  • What Provokes Moose: Dogs. If you have a dog with you and you see a moose, leash him and keep him back.
  • Getting too close to a calf: Never get between a mother (cow) and her young.
  • Getting too close, period: Don’t yell, throw things, or even offer food. Moose may happily take food from your hand, but are known to attack afterward, too. (Again, moody.)

If the Moose Attacks

  • Look for warning signs: ears back, hair raised on hump (or “hackles”), grunting, stomping feet.
  • Moose tend to bluff-charge, stopping short of you. Check out this video of a moose charging a dog outside a house.
  • Get behind a tree, rock, fence or car–anything to separate you from the moose.
  • Moose often fight with their front hooves. If the moose hits you, play dead, curled up with your hands on head and neck. Your backpack makes a good shield.

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