“I am super proud to announce the First ski BASE jump from the summit of Mt Blanc happened June 24th 2019 at 9:45am.”

Matthais Giraud aka Super Frenchie just sent the first ever Ski-BASE line off Mont Blanc marking the highest ever ski BASE jump and first ski Base of the Alps Trilogy (Eiger, Matterhorn and Mt Blanc):

“This is the world record of the highest ski BASE jump. It also marks the first ski BASE jumping completion of the Alps Trilogy – Eiger, Matterhorn and Mt Blanc which I respectively did in 2010, 2011 and 2019.

I skied the north face and jumped off the serac next to the Roches Rouge at 4359m (14298ft) and landed on the Grand Plateau. Reaching the summit of the tallest mountain in Europe took 2 days using the classical route via Dôme du Goûter – a laborious process with 20kg of gear between BASE jumping equipment, ski equipment and mountaineering tools and was made possible with the help of my friend and Mountain Guide Alexandre Périnet.

The serac measures only 60m and with 30% less oxygen at that altitude, the parachute opens much slower which meant I had to go for the fastest parachute opening possible.”