Woman Falls To Her Death At Popular Tahoe Waterfall

Woman Falls To Her Death At Popular Tahoe Waterfall


Woman Falls To Her Death At Popular Tahoe Waterfall


Some news outlets are reporting 35 year old Dina Espinosa died while taking photos at Eagle Falls and some are reporting that she fell while exiting a pool at the top of the falls and didn’t have a camera on her at the time.  What is known is that it is a terribly tragic loss and a reminder of the risks you face when entering the backcountry. Here is a short press release about the incident from El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office:

“Yesterday afternoon, EDSO was called regarding a water accident at Eagle Falls, just above Vikingsholm in Emerald Bay. 35 year old Dina Espinosa, of the Bay Area, was sitting in one of the pools of water near the waterfall. Dina slipped while reaching for a branch and was swept away in the very fast moving waters over the waterfall.

Resources were immediately deployed to the area, including Search and Rescue “Swift water” and “Tech Rope”, along with EDSO Dive Team. Unfortunately, when Dina was located she was found deceased. The accident is being investigated by State Parks and EDSO is handling the coroner’s investigation. Next of kin notifications have been made.”

North Tahoe Fire Protection District issued this statement about the dangers of the area: 

“Every year, there are deaths on our waterways and in our back country. Our message is to help visitors understand the dangers inherent to our beautiful region, and especially after this record winter, our creeks, rivers, waterfalls and lake carry many dangers that visitors need to be aware of. Our only hope is that this tragic accident will help others to take heed and use extreme caution when they are recreating in the area.”

images from North Tahoe Fire Protection District

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