Patagonia is going after adult beverage giant Anheuser-Busch because of a trademark dispute stemming from a new beer thats been launched  at ski resorts in Colorado.

FAST COMPANY reports the sales force is using pop-up beer booths made of reclaimed wood to sling brew at Colorado ski resort. The bartenders are decked out in black jackets with “PATAGONIA” on the chest. As they served the beer they were also handing out swag including beanies, scarves and t-shirts with the beer logo:

 “AB has dressed its salespeople in down jackets and given out beanies, T-shirts, and scarves bearing AB’s ‘Patagonia’ logo–all products that Patagonia sells, including in its stores in the very towns where AB has launched its beer. In short, AB has done everything possible to make it appear as though this ‘Patagonia’ beer is sold by Patagonia.”

“In launching its Patagonia beer, AB deliberately has attempted to take advantage of the tremendous goodwill that Patagonia, Inc. and Patagonia Provisions, Inc. (together, ‘Patagonia’ or ‘Plaintiffs’) have cultivated in their brand, and the hard-earned reputation that Patagonia, Inc. has built over the last 40 years as a company dedicated to environmental conservation. AB has gone as far as creating a logo that is strikingly similar to Patagonia’s famous mountain silhouette logo that has appeared continuously for decades on millions of products.”

Patagonia has filed a lawsuit against Anheuser-Busch because they believe they ripped off their logo (the word “Patagonia” silhouetted by a mountain range). Patagonia is asking the court to cancel Anheuser-Busch’s Patagonia trademark and award them all the profits the new beer.

It’s also notable that Patagonia itself launched its own beer in 2016 in a collaboration with Portland-based Hopworks Urban Brewery. According to the court filing Anheuser-Busch reached out for an interview to better know what goes into that beer:

“If there were any question remaining that AB intends to draft on Patagonia’s reputation and consumer associations with its brand, an AB representative recently contacted Provisions seeking an ‘interview’ about the Kernza grain use in Provisions’ Long Root Ale.”images from, pinterest,