“Overall she racked up 82 World Cup race wins, including an unreal 71 in the speed disciplines; 20 World Cup titles, including four overall, an Olympic and two world championship golds…but these statistics tell only a part of her greatness.”

Red Bull has an whole webpage dedicated celebrating Lindsey Vonn’s career and wanted to honor one of their signature athletes with a video to highlight all the times she defied the odds and battled back from adversity.

“As Lindsey Vonn closes the book on her storied skiing career, she reflects on the many accomplishments, hardships and moments that have driven her. She will go down in the history books as one of greatest skiers to ever grace the slopes. Here’s to the next chapter.”

Here’s how Lindsey responded to Red Bull’s send off:

“Thanks to Red Bull for making this video and supporting me so much over the last 14 years. Amazing to look back on everything and exciting to look into the future. #ChapterOne”

….and this is her well deserved current vibe:

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