Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows decided to close operations today due to high avalanche danger. The Tahoe resorts got “Februried” in a unexpected 3ft overnight dump and guest safety was a concern:

Cheer up all you Squaw/Alpine skiers and snowboarders….Mtn Ops has been working their butts off to get the mountain safe enough for guests and is“expecting expansive lift operations tomorrow” per the tweet below. Make sure to ski with a partner and practice deep snow safety if you plan on riding tomorrow. Its going to be bonkers:


Be careful out there tomorrow, extremely important to ski with a partner and be fully aware of each other at all times. If you have avy gear double check your batteries tonight because you’ll want it for resort riding tomorrow.Tis deep for real:

This might be a Red Dog poach…

Here’s a quick vid about deep snow safety and snow immersion suffocation. Can’t stress enough the critical nature of riding with a partner on deep days. Be safe out there and ride in pairs:

images from Squaw Alpine FB

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