Jiminy Peak in Hancock, Mass | Photo:Jrclark 

Officials at Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort are apologizing for publishing an overly aggressive employee memo that has gone viral in the last couple days.

The management at John Harvard’s Brewery really let their employees know how they refuse to tolerate absence on bad weather days.

The Letter:


What are your thoughts? From our perspective, the “not even a pillow or blanket” bit is definitely over the line. Especially when you consider the memo dictates you must,“see Mark” in person if you have “any questions?”

Pretty bold employee memo to say the least. Not sure how the team is going to work after this type of messaging.

On the other hand, a lot of people use weather as a pretty lame excuse to skip work and maybe– just maybe, he’s already had some employees “call in sick” on pow days this season.

Jiminy Peak’s Response:

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