Lot of avalanche activity has been reported across the country over the past wee. If you’ve never thought wearing a beacon inbounds makes sense– this video will make you rethink your that opinion.

“First of all, we’re very happy to see that Garret was uninjured in this incident. The Powder Mountain Snow Safety team did avalanche mitigation in over 60 avalanche paths all over Powder Mountain yesterday with 25″ of new snow and high winds. This avalanche classification SS-AI-D.5-R1 which is the smallest possible rating for an avalanche. This specific area has a small rollover with no terrain traps and is a non suspect area. The debris pile was less than 1′ deep. The crown (break size) was less than 10″. The overall affected area was about 60′ wide and 70′ long. We’re proud to have a very competent snow safety team at Powder Mountain, encompassing years of knowledge. That said, avalanches and incidents can happen in-bounds and skiers and snowboarders should always be aware of their environment and proceed safely.” – Powder Mountain

*Video courtesy of Garret Hunting

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