Wanna do something fun today? Go to Groovyyurts.com and imagine buying an authentic Mongolian yurt to live in ($7,500 will get you a decent sized one to live in). Beige has been fully off-grid on a hidden corner of a friends farm in Canada for the past 2 years and loves to see how little she actually needs to subside.  She charges her phone on the way to work in her car and showers at the yoga gym. She acknowledges that it’s a difficult lifestyle but its also truly fulfilling.

Ski bums are always looking for corners to cut in favor of time on the hill and the main pillar of this thrifty lifestyle is cheap housing but could you maintain off-grid in a yurt for years on end if the price was right? Seriously though go to Groovy Yurts and just look for fun:

images from Groovyyurts.com

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