Sandia Peak Road Closures

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Damn snow.

Damn snow covered roads, more accurately. Sandia Peak outside Albuquerque is apparently unable to adequately staff-up or open to visitors because of snow-covered roads leading up to the resort. Limited access has kept the resort from filling open positions or spinning lifts for paid guests.

Benny Abruzzo, a Sandia co-owner, told the Albuquerque Journal:

NM 536 is still closed and many of my staff have had trouble finding a way to get up here. We also haven’t had a chance to do a job fair. You can’t offer jobs to people if they can’t get to the job. There are actually State Police vehicles at the bottom of the road not allowing people up except for those who live in the immediate neighborhood and a few of my guys who have qualified vehicles to get to our job site.”

According to Abruzzo, the only reliable avenue for ferrying staff and supplies up to the resort is Sandia’s famed aerial tramway. But it, too, is being threatened by high winds and was shut down as of yesterday, putting a serious squeeze on Sandia’s operations.

Speaking with the Albuquerque Journal, NM DOT’s Kimberly Gallegos said I-40 and NM 333 remain her department’s priorities, because of the traffic they generate, but NM 536 is next on their list.

They hope to open the road by Friday. It’s been closed since December 26. predicts minimal new snowfall through the weekend. 

Read the full article here. Video courtesy of KOB4.

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