Skiing @Vail | Photo: jrm353 | Cover: Ruth Hartnup

Although Unofficial is often the first media source to report breaking news in the ski world, this is one announcement WE ARE NOT HAPPY TO MAKE.

Over this particular holiday period, Vail Mountain and its neighbor Beaver Creek raised the price of a single day lift ticket to $209 for adults. You heard that right– $209 SMACKERS! We can only imagine the ‘2 dollar’ kid from Better Off Dead not skiing Vail this holiday weekend.

Vail/Beaver Creek Prices:

Breck Prices:

Since posting the 10 Most Expensive Lift Tickets In The USA back in 2016, the price at Vail/Beaver has gone from $175 to $209. Another Vail owned resort, Breckenridge is a close 2nd with their single day, adult lift ticket going for a whopping $189.

Just makes us sad to think of the schlub who’s working 60+ hours a week in NYC so he can pay a fortune to go skiing with his whiny wife and bratty kids at a crowded Vail. Yikes…

Top 10 Most Expensive Lift Tickets In The USA [2019]:

  1. Vail/Beaver Creek – $209
  2. Breckenridge — $189
  3. Deer Valley — $180
  4. Steamboat | Aspen | Park City| Mammoth — $179
  5. Copper Mountain | Whistler Blackcomb — $178
  6.  Winter Park | Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows | Keystone — $169
  7. Heavenly — $164
  8. Jackson Hole — $162
  9. Northstar — $150
  10. Sun Valley — $149

Compare to 2016: The 10 Most Expensive Lift Tickets In The USA

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