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Over the past year, a group of photographers worked diligently to capture the highest resolution, panoramic image in the world. Appropriately, they chose Europe’s highest peak, Mont Blanc as their primary subject.

The result is an absolutely stunning visual experience that deserves a gargantuan, HD TV. If you’re trying to view this on mobile, we highly recommend waiting till you can at least be around a laptop.


  • 46 Terabytes
  • 365 Gigapixels

Shooting in alpine conditions is no easy task as wind, snow interference and a litany of other variables can ruin the end product. Lucky for us, none of the following were a problem and they’ve since made the 46 Terabyte image available via their website.

Check out The Interactive Image here: in2white Mont Blanc Panorama

*Video courtesy of in2white

Photo Tour:

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