Don't Forget About Ebay, An Excellent Resource For Scoring Discount Ski Gear

Don't Forget About Ebay, An Excellent Resource For Scoring Discount Ski Gear


Don't Forget About Ebay, An Excellent Resource For Scoring Discount Ski Gear


eBay headquarters in San Jose, California | Photo: Coolcaesar

Internet ski sales are dominated by e-commerce giants like Backcountry and Evo. These large companies have enormous marketing budgets and offer a huge selection that includes the newest, sexiest brands. But lo, not all skiers can afford new planks each season. Indeed, everyone loves a deal and here at Unofficial Networks, we still look to eBay for some of the best discounted ski gear.

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Patient buyers can find screaming deals on eBay. Ski shops use the website to unload leftover gear from the previous model year or to sell off a demo fleet, both of which can be good go-to’s for low income skiers and riders.

Two good finds right here…

For those skiers who are picky and want new gear each year, they can flip old gear on eBay and get the latest and greatest via Evo or Backocuntry. Win, win.

Here are a couple key items to consider when considering a purchase on Ebay.

  1. Read The Posting Very Carefully – eBay has very strict rules and buyers are responsible for thoroughly reading the product posting. Be on the lookout for quick sentences that discuss the product condition. For example, check if a ski has been mounted multiple times or the size of a frame-style alpine touring binding. This can save you from purchasing an item that will prove useless. Important: Always look at the seller’s return policy. Sellers do not have to accept returns.
  2. Consider Shipping – Some sellers offer free shipping. Other charge a flat rate and others use shipping rates rely on the location of the buyer. Also, some eBay sellers are slow to ship their product. If you are in a rush to get your new boots or skis, try reaching out to the seller to arrange expedited shipping.
  3. Best Offer – Some product listings have “Best Offer” feature. This allows you to make an offer on the item that the seller can either accept or counteroffer. This can be a great opportunity to score a deeper discount. Be careful not to make too low of an offer, sellers can set restrictions where low-ball offers will be automatically declined.
  4. Auction – An eBay auction can be a great way to score a deal. If a product isn’t especially popular, you may find yourself bidding against few, if any, other buyers.
  5. Warranty – Second-hand gear does not come with a warranty. If your buying from a reputable ski shop, they may extend a warranty.

There you have it. If you are looking to save some cash this fall, check out the ol’ eBay-gear-machine. Buyer beware, eBay can be a cutthroat place. Make sure you do your research prior to pulling the trigger.

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