The inventor of the telemark binding Sondre Norheim died in obscurity in rural Denbigh, North Dakota. Considered by many as the father of skiing, Norheim immigrated to the United States to escape poverty in his native Norway and left his legend behind in Europe and assimilated to life in the midwest.

It wasn’t until 1966 that it was discovered that Norheim rested in an unmarked grave in McHenry County North Dakota.  Since then his burial plot has been dressed up and given the honor proper for the man who is credited for introducing side cuts to skis and heel bindings to the world.  

If you’re ever passing through North Dakota consider making a trip to The Norway Lutheran Church in Towner, ND to lay down some flowers or your choice of ski paraphernalia to honor a man that invented telemark skiing.

The Norsk Host Fest is a great reason to pair your trip to Sondre Norheim final resting place with a little Beach Boys and Tanya Tucker. For more info GO HERE.

 images from NorwayLutheran FB