“Airwave inflatable surf reefs will revolutionize the way we create new waves in the ocean. They are quick to install and eco friendly.”

The model in the video is 1/20th scale so it’s not exactly a proven product but if Troy Bottegal can pull this off full size it could change the face of wave riding forever…especially leading up to the first ever Olympic Surfing event at Toyko 2020.  Check out the AIRWAVE Kickstarter campaign HERE. Is this dude crazy or on to something?

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Over crowding of existing surf spots has become a chronic problem all over the world. The enjoyment of surfing is being impacted by frustration at the numbers of people trying to surf together in each location and there is a real need to provide new waves in the ocean to mitigate the overcrowding problem. AIRWAVES are designed to efficiently solve this problem. Apart from the infinite possibilities of beach installations, AIRWAVES can also be installed along the course  of flowing rivers, to enable multiple, perfectly shaped, standing waves to be formed. 

My name is Troy Bottegal, inventor and creator of the AIRWAVE inflatable surf reefs. AIRWAVES are compact, subtly shaped inflatable bladders, positioned close to the beach, in such a way as to transform wave closeouts into surfable a-frame peaks. After 10 years of research and development we are now ready to manufacture and install the world’s very first AIRWAVE.Through a carefully crafted, shape and strategically placed valves, AIRWAVES are designed to be quickly and permanently installed in multiple locations along the same stretch of beach. They are also able to be removed or moved if necessary. My aim is to bring many thousands of affordable and eco-friendly surf reefs to the worlds surf beaches. An AIRWAVE is basically an inflatable dome, typically around 12 meters in diameter and approximately 2 meters at its maximum curve height, anchored to the ocean floor in shallow water, that mimics the back of a natural surf reef, peaking, hollowing and tapering the swell to produce a high quality, ridable wave. The inflatable dome can act across a wide variety of swell and tide profiles. It will also promotes sandbank formation in the surrounding beach environment, as well as helping to protect beaches from wave erosion. AIRWAVES can be installed as close as 30 metres from the beach. An AIRWAVE is simply constructed from a patented, super strong, environmentally safe compound and is designed to have minimal adverse effects on the surrounding environment. It is very simple and quick to install. These features make it very economical and affordable to install in multiple locations, along any stretch of beach, creating multiple surfing peaks.

My invention will mean more waves in more locations. For example, six AIRWAVES could be installed along the same stretch of beach, in around 14 days. That equates to six new wave sites in two weeks. Compare this with the 18 to 24 month installation  period for a contemporary offshore surf reef, with only one wave site created…. and the benefits of AIRWAVES to dramatically reduce surf crowding, become obvious.  As they are installed close to the beach, it has the added advantage of being very quick and safe to paddle out to, ideal for beginners, physically impaired, special needs groups and kids. It can also turn into a bowling, heaving peak with a jump in swell size. Filled with air, it makes for a safer surf experience all round. For the world’s first AIRWAVE test installation to happen I need to raise the minimum funds necessary  to complete installation and testing. The test site, manufacturer and marine contractors are all poised and ready for the project to begin. The more funds we raise, the faster we can increase our ability to install AIRWAVES worldwide. AIRWAVES have the potential to bring thousands of new waves to the worlds surf beaches, in a relatively short time frame. I look forward to your support.

Troy Bottegal                                                                                     Waveco Py Ltd