OPINION: The Last Thing Ogden Needs Is A Gondola.

OPINION: The Last Thing Ogden Needs Is A Gondola.


OPINION: The Last Thing Ogden Needs Is A Gondola.


Ogden, UT | Photo: Weberstate

The startling plans announced by Mountain Capital Partners to expand tiny Nordic Valley into a sizable 2800 acre resort were a surprise to many in Northern Utah.

Although the ski community around Ogden, UT is vibrant and hugely supportive of nearby Snowbasin and Powder Mountain; many locals were disappointed to hear the plans envisioned by developers. The plans for expanding Nordic Valley are huge; a gondola would connect roughly 4.3 miles between Ogden and the existing ski area, along with the installation of nearly new 10 lifts and cutting trails in previously untouched wilderness.

Although our love for skiing and snowboarding is unwavering; the Nordic Valley expansion plan is total overkill and would only create unnecessary tension between the resort and local community.

Nordic Valley is the smallest ski hill in the Beehive state, with only 965 feet of vertical, 140 acres and 23 trails. It’s dwarfed by the two other ski resorts nearby, and the resorts south in Salt Lake City.

Following an owner transfer back in April of 2018, Mountain Capital Partners quickly announced lofty plans for their newest ski area. The proposed gondola would connect a growing metropolis to the ski hill and become the longest running gondola in the United States. The ownership group has also hinted that on-mountain housing is a definite possibility although bureaucratic red tape could ultimately delay construction of the project. The management group has the funds and desire to start building in 2020 if all goes well.

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After a poor winter season in Utah 2017-2018, it seems rather untimely to be announcing plans of a major ski area expansion. With global warming and climate change in the forefront of the ski industry’s collective mindset; it’s hard to justify development on a piece of land that doesn’t see nearly as much snow as its neighbors. While Nordic Valley is special ski hill, the charm it currently boasts would be completely eliminated by developing like the owners hope to. 

Mountain Capital Partners should focus in on improving the current available services while making smaller changes over time.

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