New Cable System Allows Newbies To Climb Squaw Valley's Tram Face

New Cable System Allows Newbies To Climb Squaw Valley's Tram Face


New Cable System Allows Newbies To Climb Squaw Valley's Tram Face


Its called Via Ferrata, which means Iron Path in Italian, and Squaw Valley is installing one on Tram Face to allow climbers of all skill levels (including none) an incredible experience and a view that was once restricted to a brave few in the summer and prohibited entirely in the winter…why do they call that one line Half Baked???

I’m positive this will be a solid money maker for Squaw and super memorable experience for city folk looking for a story to tell…“First we drank horchata then we went Via Ferrata.” Digging this and hope to see more of it around the basin:

Alpenglow Expeditions, a North Lake Tahoe area-based guide service, will soon begin construction of two Via Ferrata climbing routes up Tram Face at Squaw Valley Resort. The routes will allow even those with no climbing experience the opportunity to safely scale the iconic Tram face, exploring high alpine terrain while taking in the beautiful vistas.

Via Ferrata, an Italian term meaning Iron Road, is a protected climbing route with permanent steel anchors and cables that allow participants to be safely connected to the rock 100% of the time via a Continuous Lifeline System. All climbs will be led by Alpenglow Expeditions’ experienced team of AMGA (American Mountain Guide Association) trained guides who will teach participants how to navigate the rock face while introducing basic climbing techniques. By design, ascent groups will be kept small, at a six-participant-per-guide ratio, which ensures safety and maximizes the learning opportunity for all.The Via Ferrata at Squaw Valley is the first in the Lake Tahoe area and will open up one-of-a-kind access to one of California’s most beautiful regions, and most iconic rock faces: the Tram Face, which towers above The Village at Squaw Valley. The routes will offer an incredible climbing experience, with a total vertical elevation gain of over 1000 ft. vertical from the base of the resort to the top of the route.

Alpenglow Expeditions will begin installation of two routes up the Tram Face at Squaw Valley Resort over the summer season, with the first guided ascents expected to commence in September, 2018.”

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