Aggressive Mid-Fat Skis From Smaller Companies Worth Considering for 2018/2019

Aggressive Mid-Fat Skis From Smaller Companies Worth Considering for 2018/2019


Aggressive Mid-Fat Skis From Smaller Companies Worth Considering for 2018/2019


These are interesting times for consumers of ski products While we bury our faces in our smartphones and laptops, we are smacked with massive amounts of marketing material. In the ski realm, larger manufacturers have massive marketing budgets. Not surprisingly, we find our local hills littered with Volkl, Rossignol, Blizzard and Atomic skis. You can’t turn around without seeing a Blizzard Bonafide or Volkl Mantra leaning on the ski rack outside the base lodge.

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If you are in the market for a stiff and damp directional ski in the 100-110mm waist, you’re in luck. There are plenty of offerings to meet your stiff, crud-busting, straight-lining, high-speed needs. Unofficial would like to make you aware of some intriguing options from slightly lesser known manufacturers. Yes, it is only July, but here are some skis to put on your radar. We will have plenty more details in the coming months.

1. Moment Commander 108

Moment has cut the Tahoe 106 from the lineup for 2018/2019. They have introduced the Commander 108 as its replacement. This ski has two sheets of Titanal to give you plenty of power to plow through cut-up pow and choppy snow. Moment has stated that the 188cm length has a 21m turn radius. This would make it exceptionally nimble for a powerful ski at this width. The Commander 108 could make a solid daily-driver for the aggressive skier who likes to ski fast and doesn’t mind a little heft.


2. ON3P Wrenegade 108

The ON3P Wrenegade 108 receives a face lift for 2018/2019. These flashy planks have been stiffened up to add stability at high speeds on those long, choppy, run-outs. In addition, the turn radius has been reduced to allow you to slice and dice your way through tight trees more easily.  ON3P’s Freeride Rocker features a substantial amount of rocker in the tip with a more modest amount in the tail. This is another interesting entry that could make a nice daily-driver out west.

3. Faction Dictator 3.0

The Faction Dictator 3.0 offers a 105mm waist and two sheets of metal. These skis are lighter than one would think at 1950 grams (178cm length). In addition, the 178cm ski boasts a 19-meter turn radius. Given the combination of the relatively light weight and short radius, this could be an interesting ski that could be a viable option for many, particuarly those who prefer slightly quicker arcs as opposed to massive GS turns.

Honorable Mentions:

The following skis have not been formally introduced for the 2018/2019 model year. As a result, limited information is available. That said, here are a couple more options to keep your eyes peeled for.

  1. 4FRNT MSP 107 – Rumor has it the popular, 99mm-waisted ski will now be available in a 107mm waist. Color us intrigued.
  2. Sego Cleaver 102 – Sego is a smaller company out of Victor, ID. The Cleaver 102 has received positive press as a versatile ski with plenty of power and stability
  3. J Skis The Metal – The Metal has a 106mm waist and is described as a powerful ski that “effortlessly floats in powder, yet still rips groomers.” J Skis is based out of Vermont. As a result, we expect solid performance on hard snow.

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