Unofficial Gear Pick: Black Crows' Atris Birdie Is A Girl's Best Friend

Unofficial Gear Pick: Black Crows' Atris Birdie Is A Girl's Best Friend


Unofficial Gear Pick: Black Crows' Atris Birdie Is A Girl's Best Friend


Lengths: 169cm, 178cm | Dimensions: 138/108/125 | Turn Radius: 20m | Profile: Double Rocker/Classic Camber

Since 2006, Chamonix-based Black Crows has been churning out big-mountain fun sticks for an ever-growing market of freeriders, and they’ve been making quite the splash on this side of the pond in the last few years. The North American market is growing, and for good reason—all it takes is a few days (or laps) on a pair of Crows to feel like an absolute terrain crusher, and there’s one ski in particular we feel deserves a call out.

The Atris Birdie is a serious all-mountain ripper, capable of blasting through Northwest chunder, surfing blower in the Rockies, rallying hardpack, and just about everything in between. I’ve skied about 30 days on this ski over the last season and have yet to be disappointed. It’s smooth, stable, and playful, with just the right amount of power to charge through variable snow.

The poplar wood core is what gives these skis such a light and playful feel, making them super easy to control and throw sideways when you need to, and the rockered tip and tail float dreamily on double digit storm days. Fiberglass laminates create enough torsional rigidity and stiffness to feel stable and powerful at high speeds, and traditional camber underfoot lets you lay trenches on ice, crud, and fresh morning cord.

The Birdie is a tad lighter and softer than its male counterpart, the Atris, and comes in a 169.1cm and 178.3cm. At 5’7″ I was super happy with the 178—it’s slightly longer than what I’m accustomed to, but it’s so playful and nimble that I’d say it skis more like a 175. A daily driver inherently comes with some compromises, and we’re not going to argue that the Atris Birdie will slay snorkel-deep pow like your 130mm boards or carve hardpack like gate-bashing pair of race sticks, but it’s a solid choice for confidently shralping pretty much any conditions that Mother Nature hits you with.

Find out more here: Black Crows Atris Birdie Ski

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