Utah Skier Claims January 11, 1993 Was “The Best Day Ever.”

Utah Skier Claims January 11, 1993 Was “The Best Day Ever.”


Utah Skier Claims January 11, 1993 Was “The Best Day Ever.”


Sandy, UT- This past Monday, Little Cottonwood Canyon skier Shaun Braman made the case that January 11, 1993 was the best day of skiing—ever. Braman, who lives in the Salt Lake City suburb of Sandy has skied in Utah for almost thirty years.

“I mean come on—thirty six inches in two days with a 2% moisture content?” said Mr. Braman between gulps of Polygamy Porter. “That kind of snow is the real ‘hero snow’ people talk about,” adding with a smile, “I was the hero that day.”

Sitting on a loveseat in his garage, Braman released a long sigh as he recounted the tale:

“I drove up the night before to stay with a friend at the P-dog and nobody was there. Nobody. Not a soul except my buddy Benny Glick and myself. Meanwhile, an hour after I get up the canyon, the [Unified Police Department] closes the road and there I’ am. Sitting on the porch of the P-Dog and watching it dump.”

In the words of Braman, “all I could think was, ‘I must be the luckiest mother fucker in history’.”

Pointing to the garage wall, Braman showed reporters his framed copy of the Salt Lake City Tribune from that day: “SLC SNOWSTORM DELIVERS RECORD DEEP POWDER, NEW SYSTEM COULD DUMP UP TO 8 MORE INCHES”

“I mean really, when do you get a day like that?” noting, “You get up the canyon, spend the night, and wake up to find that all the lifts are open… ON TIME? That’s when you know you’re about to have the best day ever.”

Giving “the best day ever” the attention it deserves is just one of the many things Braman does that irritates friend and ski partner Geoff Henderson to no end. Henderson later contradicted Braman’s story saying, “Shaun is full of shit.”

To which Braman responded, “Fuck you, that was the best day that ever was” adding, “1993 was the year and to this day nothing has—or ever will top that shit.”

During which time, Mr. Henderson walked behind Braman’s back, rolled his eyes at reporters while using his hand to make a jerking gesture with a semi-closed fist.

When asked later what the gesture meant, Henderson replied, “listen, I’m not trying to say that day in 1993 wasn’t a good one but the best day ever was on March 8, 2011—hands down. It’s not even a competition. Shit—20 inches in 24 hours on top of 16 from the day before… Get the fuck out of here with that 1993 crap. They didn’t even have rockered skis yet.”

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