Michael Rotondo, a 30 year-old whose been living with his immediate family in upstate NY, has been ordered by a judge to leave his parents’ home on Tuesday. According to NPR, Rotondo apparently accepted $1,100 from his parents in the past year while being told repeatedly to leave.

Just gonna come out and say it– I hate this guy. There’s nothing worse than a know-it-all deadbeat who leeches off his folks for three decades only to throw their butts in court for a useless day of self-serving self-aggrandizement. Seriously– fuck Michael Rotondo.

“I don’t see why they can’t just… wait a little bit for me to leave the house.” – Michael Rotondo

Apparently the judge felt similarly when he upheld the eviction notice issued by his parents. The horrible part is that the parents gotta feel all kinds of horrible about their child.

First off, being forced to kick one of your chicks out of the nest is not ideal. Secondly, he’s definitely not on his way to becoming an astronaut anytime soon. Thirdly, this is how he repays a mom who spent hours of painstaking labor in the hospital? Pretty shitty if you ask me…

Whether or not Michael Rotondo will appeal the sentence is yet to be determined. Hard to imagine he wouldn’t try– judging by his lack of self respect.

Find the entire NPR article here: Judge Backs N.Y. Parents, Saying Their 30-Year-Old Son Must Move Out

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