To even think about tackling a 100 mile run you have to be in incredible physical shape but more importantly you need a bulletproof mind. That unwavering stability and mental endurance is what keeps these people going during these inhuman distances (think you’re hot shit for running a marathon, try doing 4 in a row).

Adam Campbell was an accomplished ultra runner/mountain runner when on August 30th, 2016, he experienced a near fatal accident while attempting a traverse through Roger’s Pass in BC.  A rock hold Adam was using came loose and he tumbled nearly 100 feet, sustaining 4 broken vertebrae, a crushed iliac crest and bone deep lacerations. 


After the horrific accident Adam was put back together with titanium rods and screws but could his mind be mended? He found out during the course of The Hardrock 100 in the San Juan Mountain Range of Southern Colorado, a race he had medalled in pre-injury. This is his story, “If you’re not moving, you’re dead”

…oh yeah, Adam also likes to shred when he’s not crushing ultras:

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