Cody Peak, WY | Photo: Teton County Search and Rescue | Cover: GoFundMe

Bryce Newcomb‘s road to recovery is taking a detour as the pro skier who fell nearly 1,000’ as the result of a cornice collapse in the Jackson Hole backcountry will get to move from Idaho Falls to a longer term care facility in Boise reports KPVI 6 News.

The fact that medical personnel will be allowed to transport Newcomb from hospital to hospital bodes well for the recovery process. Although he remains unconscious, Newcomb is breathing on his own accord and doctors are closely monitoring his brain injury while waiting for him to show some signs of regained consciousness.

A GoFundMe page set up to help Newcomb’s family with the medical costs has raised $121,368 as of this morning. You can donate to the page here.

Find the entire KPVI 6 News article here: Injured Jackson skier transferred to long-term care facility

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