Plastic Pollution Now Being Found In Arctic Ice Sheet

Plastic Pollution Now Being Found In Arctic Ice Sheet


Plastic Pollution Now Being Found In Arctic Ice Sheet


Photo Credit: NASA/Kathryn Hansen | Cover Photo: Christopher Michel

Plastic pollution in our oceans is an ever growing problem that’s been widely publicized as it concerns the infamous “Great Pacific Garbage Patch.” But what wasn’t known until now is how discarded microplastics are finding their way to the northernmost parts of the planet.

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A group of researchers from the Alfred Wegener Institute recently compiled and organized 2 years worth of ice core samples (2014, 2015) and their findings show how microplastics are making an unprecedented push into arctic water sources.

“Today researchers know that this microplastic can be found in all regions, and even in arctic sea ice.” – AWI

Only within the past decade have research scientists begun to dig into the problem of microplastics in our environment. So far it’s still unclear which specific species, habitat, or atmopsheric/oceanic function stands to lose the most from the introduction of microscopic litter.

The growing “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” | Image: Steven Guerrisi

The big takeaway from the study thus far is how our entire globe is now affected by microplastics. Exactly what that means for human beings and the greater global ecosystem has yet to be seen. In the meantime, at least some doofus on twitter is having a good time with this environmental tragedy.

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