Aprés Cocktail Of The Month | Wren's Nest [Presented By TLS]

Aprés Cocktail Of The Month | Wren's Nest [Presented By TLS]


Aprés Cocktail Of The Month | Wren's Nest [Presented By TLS]


Our resident mixologist and owner of Amrita Beverages—Jessa Talermo—is back with a another specialty cocktail! Check back each week for new recipes featuring our favorite and most unique liqueurs from The Liquor Store of Jackson Hole’s incredibly diverse selection. | Photo: TLS

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I thought it appropriate to start off a St. Patty’s Day blog with Irish Whiskey…

The second best whiskey and first in the Irish Whiskey category—according to Jim Murrays 2018 Whiskey Bible—is Red Breast Single Pot Still Aged 21 years. With a blend of malted and un-malted barley that was matured in a mixture of bourbon barrels and first-fill oloroso casks this is rightfully the best Irish Whiskey I’ve ever tasted. That review may have been affected by the fact that I was tasting this while basking in the recent sunshine up at The Castle (one of the sweet spot hang-outs on mountain at JHMR). But I suspect it was the 21 years spent in barrel and the incredible craftsmanship of an Irish distiller. And it just so happens that we have some on the shelf at TLSofJH right now. With notes of apricot, vanilla, cinnamon, and dried fruits this whiskey is incredible and imbibes the flavors of the island of Ireland. If you feel like celebrating this season with something Irish, delicious, and not an obnoxious shade of green, this incredibly smooth, supple whiskey would be sure to wet your whistle.

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If this whiskey isn’t in your budget or if you’re lactose intolerant and cannot do another unfortunately named Guinness, Baileys, and Jameson shot we have many options for this St. Patty’s Day! Not only are we running an obnoxiously green sloshie for the whole week (it also has dairy so…it’s delcious), a March Beer Madness competition, and multiple tastings this week with some of our local favorites! Backwards Distilling will be here on Thursday tasting their incredibly high quality spirits out of Mills Wyoming and on Friday we will have Upslope Brewing from Colorado sampling their tasty brews in the back and the absolute local favorites Jackson Hole Stillworks!

With this months featured liqueur being the line up from Rothman & Winter, I was not hard pressed to develop a tasty beverage. Rothman & Winter is a brand out of Austria making some of the finest fruit liqueurs I’ve found. Here at TLSofJH we have the Crème de Violette, Orchard Peach, Apricot, and Pear. All high quality, not too sweet, and made from real fruit!


Pairing the Orchard Pear with some of my favorite Wyoming spirits was not a difficult task. With Spring right around the corner I wanted to make something that works for a St. Patty’s Day celebration as well as any fine, deck sipping occasion. Lucky for you this cocktail works beautifully with both JH Stillworks Highwater Vodka and their Great Grey Gin! Called the Wren’s Nest (after a lovely pear orchard in Ireland) this beverage plays to the subtle nuances that both of these lovely spirits show. With hints of vanilla and cream, yet clean and crisp the Highwater Vodka was an easy mix. The Great Grey Gin has hints of cinnamon and baking spices, with its dry notes and juniper it also, is a wonderful backbone to support the Orchard Pear by Rothman & Winter. Combined with the Allspice Dram, Lemon, and Simple Syrup you might as well have baked an Irish Cake!

In addition, with their recent announcement of a partnership with the Raptor Center the guys at JH Stillworks are sure to continue to soarJ Starting this March for every bottle of Great Grey Gin sold Jackson Hole Stillworks will donate a percentage of proceeds to the Teton Raptor Center! This St. Patty’s day, whether your sipping expensive Irish Whiskey looking out over your favorite valley, drinking a green hued sloshie, or mixing up the Wren’s Nest, you know your go to place is TLSofJH!

Wren’s Nest:

Instructions: As always, first prepare your glass. Fill your favorite pub glass with ice. In a shaking tin combine all ingredients. Shake vigorously until proper dilution and chilling have occurred. Pour over ice. Garnish with a pot of gold.

—Jessa Talermo 

Find the original post here: Featured Cocktail – Wren’s Nest

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