New Snowboard Tow Speed Record Set (93.8mph Behind Maserati SUV)

New Snowboard Tow Speed Record Set (93.8mph Behind Maserati SUV)


New Snowboard Tow Speed Record Set (93.8mph Behind Maserati SUV)


Britain’s fastest snowboarder, 25 year old Jamie Barrow, broke his own Guinness World Record for fastest speed on a snowboard while being towed by a vehicle.  Jamie pulled off the feat on the a frozen lake in St. Moritz behind Maserati’s luxury SUV. The Levante was tricked out with Pirelli Scorpion Winter studded tires.

Here’s Guinness’s requirements for the record according to

“Strict criteria had to be met for the record to meet Guinness World Record guidelines. These included completing a timed run in both directions with specialist recording equipment, set at 100m by a Guinness World Records official. With 400m needed either side so that the Maserati Levante could accelerate and slow down safely on the snow, a total run of approximately 900m was prepared.”

On Monday morning, Jamies first attempt was recorded at 151.57 km/h and his return run was recorded at 147.72 km/h.  The two runs were then averaged to give the final Guinness World Record speed of 149.65 km/h. Congratulations.

What’s the future for Britain’s fastest snowboarder? He want’s to go faster obviously:

“Next step 200kph with a longer track!”

….dude is into records. Here he is celebrating the Guinness World Record for the Greatest Vertical Distance Snowboarded in 12 hours. James rode 83 runs and the tally was over 6x the height of Everest:

Reminds me of an episode of Rob & Big back in the day. RIP Big Black

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