WATCH: Speed Flying In Chamonix At Night "Moon-Line"

WATCH: Speed Flying In Chamonix At Night "Moon-Line"


WATCH: Speed Flying In Chamonix At Night "Moon-Line"


With 20 meters of LED lights strapped under his canopy, speed flyer Valentin Delluc set sail under a full moon down the Bossons glacier in Chamonix, France.  Here is an excerpt from an article on about the flight:

“The idea for the project was born at the end of the summer of 2016, but Delluc had to schedule many test runs to hone the aerodynamics of his wing in order to make sure he could fly it with LEDs attached. As a result, Delluc conducted the first test runs without the lighting at an altitude of 2,800m until the device worked – and he only moved over to using the real lit-up wing when everything was fine-tuned. Then the final test flight took place under the light of a full moon, which allowed Delluc to fly even closer to the ground.

When the night of the flight proper came around, the snow cover wasn’t perfect and Delluc was concerned his LED lights mightn’t work properly. But the overall conditions were favourable and he received the green light to start at 4am. The flight saw him take off from the top of the Bossons Glacier, but he and his crew had a very short window of time to pull off the feat so the Moonline film was shot in just one take. This was a big challenge even for Delluc, who’s accustomed to speedriding through glaciers and over rooftops.

Delluc found himself alone in the air at the start of the run and time seemed to stand still. But just four minutes and twenty seconds later he’d travelled over 1,500 vertical metres and achieved his dream of speedriding down a glacier at night. Enjoy the Moonline film now!”

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