8 Ski Areas Whose "Blower" Powder Is Worth The Trip Alone

8 Ski Areas Whose "Blower" Powder Is Worth The Trip Alone


8 Ski Areas Whose "Blower" Powder Is Worth The Trip Alone


[Cover Photo: Bridger Bowl Facebook Page]

The perfect snow can make even the most meager ski hill the “best ski area in the world” on any given day.

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The ski areas listed below have the highest chance of being “the best ski area in the world” on any given day due to their consistently deep pow. Pure, blower powder is priceless by nature and these resorts pride themselves on having that type of snow on a regular basis.

Kiroro, Japan

Bluebird and blower | Photo: Kiroro Facebook Page

With one of the highest base area elevations in Japan, Kiroro is known for its light, consistent snow that resembles what Little Cottonwood Canyon residents call ‘the greatest snow on earth.’ Except their storm systems come off the Sea of Japan, not the Great Salt Lake.

  • Average Annual Snowfall – 511″
  • Best Month For Blower – January

AltaBird, Utah

Luke Perin searches for the bottom @Alta | Photo: Alta Ski Area Facebook Page

This one should come as no surprise to anyone, Little Cottonwood Canyon is home to some serious blower. Both Snowbird and Alta are some of the best freeriding resorts in the world and that’s all thanks to their unique meteorological positioning that allows for massive dumps of extremely light density snow.

  • Average Annual Snowfall – 514″
  • Best Month For Blower – February

Bridger Bowl, Montana

While B-Bowl might not see the highest annual snowfall total on this list, when they get the goods– they really get the goods. Quite possibly the lightest snow in the world finds its way to Bridger and when it does– the locals are more than happy to take advantage.

  • Average Annual Snowfall – 350″
  • Best Month For Blower – December

Wolf Creek, Colorado

Located in south, central Colorado, Wolf Creek is southern Colorado’s powder paradise. Hit the hot spring, ski blower powder, repeat. For Front Rangers– there is no better place to chase powder in the state.

  • Average Annual Snowfall – 430″ (*Most snow in Colorado)
  • Best Month For Blower – January

Grand Targhee, Wyoming

Jackson could have easily been on this list if it weren’t for how fast the mountain gets tracked out these days. So for those looking to wake up late and still ski over the head snow– head over Teton Pass and spend some time at the soul skier’s paradise– Grand Targhee.

  • Average Annual Snowfall – 500″
  • Best Month For Blower – January/February

Kicking Horse, British Colombia

Kicking Horse, like most of interior BC, is home to some spectacular snow. Steep and deep is the name of the game at “The Horse” and on a big pow day, make sure to head to Feuz Bowl immediately.

  • Average Annual Snowfall – 250″
  • Best Month For Blower – March

Brundage, Idaho

No. Brundage Mountain Resort doesn’t hold the same glitz and glamour as its Idaho neighbor Sun Valley. But what Brundage lacks in pomp, it more than makes up for in awesome terrain and cold snow. This might possibly be the best bang for your buck if you’re chasing powder.

  • Average Annual Snowfall – 325″
  • Best Month For Blower – January

Engelberg, Switzerland

The alps haven’t been known for blower powder the past decade but the best shot to score light, untracked snow across the pond is @Engelberg in central Switzerland. The resort is uncrowded and provides for some of the best snow conditions in all of Europe.

  • Average Annual Snowfall – 240″
  • Best Month For Blower – March

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