Fly fishing grew its participation by 400,000 in 2016 | Photo: Robert Couse-Baker | Cover Photo: WDCodyClifford

Fishing and running are in our blood as human beings according to a new report completed by

The study shows how Americans are fishing more and more every year with running being the sole outdoor activity that attracts more people annually. In the report’s executive summary, the author states that in 2016, “more than 47 million Americans were unified by the pure joy of fishing.”

“Together, fishing participants went on a collective 885 billion outings, averaging 18.8 trips per participant.”

Out of the two main categories of fishing (fresh vs. saltwater), freshwater was by far the most popular, garnering 38.1 million participants. Fly fishing, the least popular form of fishing saw a massive increase in participation with roughly 400,000 newcomers trying the sport for the first time in 2016.

Overall, fishing has seen its numbers stay mostly steady over the past decade. With the innovation of social media, video games, and a dearth of good venues– it’s encouraging to see fishing stay healthy throughout the good times and the bad.

Find the entire report here: 2017 Special Report On Fishing

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