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When it comes to ski bumming, most of us begin our storied careers in the parlance of our 20’s with high alcohol content liquor and hand-me down skis.

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During those years, we made friends both lasting and fleeting during snowy chairlift rides and sloppy aprés drinking sessions. But after a few bygone years of partying and powder, people start to disappear. It’s not until one’s 30’s that we begin thinking, “what happened to everybody I partied and skied with in my 20’s?”

In order to answer that question, Unofficial dug deep to find out what Eddie, Don, and Sara are up to these days…

Where Are They Now? | Those Ski Bum Friends From Your 20’s

John — John, the Apres Bar Tender, got sober a few years ago. And while he’s still tending bar, that isn’t stopping him from passing down his wisdom to the latest crop of newbies– not to mention skiing harder than ever. If you’re lucky and stay at the bar late enough, you might get to hear some of his poetry.

Kyle — The town’s go-to weed dealer got his real estate license ever since “all those fucking dispensaries popped up.” Kyle is now one of the top real estate agents in Vail and pulls in six figures a year.

Sara — Your ex-girlfriend, Sara started dating Chris a few weeks after she dumped you. They now live in Crested Butte with a few kids and a cute pup. It’s a Facebook perfect life, but you still wonder if he really makes her happy.

Theresa — Theresa officially achieved cougar status in March.

Carl — Carl bought a snowmobile in the winter of 2011. Has not skied since.

Eddie — If you need a house built, Eddie is your guy. Just pray it’s not a big winter or you won’t see him and his crew till April.

Rebecca — This “Ski Town 10” ditched her gig as hostess at the sushi joint in order to move to Manhattan where she was downgraded to an “NYC 6.”

Andy — Andy is still living slightly above the poverty line, skiing 150 days a year and is still wondering where everyone went.

Cody — Cody moved to Chamonix a few years ago because, “It’s the only place for legitimate skiers.” Cody is probably not going to see his 40th birthday.

Annie — Married Harvey the ski patroller who comes from money back east. They take a lot of trips.

Alexander James Robinson IV — Alex used part of his trust-fund to buy a house in Telluride. He now spends most of his time playing with his drone.

Mike — Mike is now a doctor. WTF?

Whitney — Oh Whitney. Quite possibly the coolest chick you ever met now lives near the base of the mountain and skis more than all the agro dudes out there. She works a low-key yet lucrative job for the resort and is one of the few people from your 20’s that’s turned their passion for skiing into a full-time job that actually pays.

Dan — Dan finally succumbed to his parents demands that he move down from the mountains and “get a real job.” Dan now drives an Acura, lives in Denver, and spends most of the workday perusing Unofficial Networks.

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