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[All photos courtesy of Michael Baxter & Associates Commercial Real Estate & Property Management]

A ski hill located in Pennsylvania’s Pocono mountains is now home to two lucky owners from Monroe County.

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After forking over $412,500, Linda and Jim Schlier acquired sole ownership of Alpine Mountain but the two don’t want to revive the property as a ski area. So far, the two haven’t made any of their potential plans public but a new motorcycle area run by Alpine Moto Park has been in the works for the past two years according to the Pocono Record.

It’s currently unclear whether the new owners will go ahead with the moto park or head in another direction.

Jim Schlier has since told the Pocono Record that they hope to turn the property into a “destination resort”– one that doesn’t include skiing. Along with the ski area, the new owners also purchased a recently renovated bar, restaurant, lodge, and all chair lifts on the land.

Find the entire Pocono Record article here: Schliers buy Alpine Resort

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