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Very cool little gadget that solves the problem of non-electric cooking in State and National Parks that prohibit fires.  The SolSource ($249 retail/$149 early bird special) is a Kickstarter campaign that is already fully funded but you can still get in on the first production run if you contribute now:

“SolSource Sport lets you cook delicious food in the great outdoors – with just the power of the sun. The intense heat from SolSource Sport gets your sausages sizzling and coffee piping hot! It works by focusing sun light onto your pan to deliver intense heat with its efficient reflectors. It is easy to use, compact and portable – that means you can take it wherever you go. Better still, SolSource Sport lets you cook your favorite foods without fuel or waste.”


Backyard and Balcony Grilling: Enjoy a lazy solar meal with SolSource Sport on your balcony or backyard. Or extend your outdoor kitchen with this additional stove.

Camping/RV: Tuck SolSource Sport in your trunk or RV, and start cooking when you get to your new destination. It takes only minutes to set up and it’s ready to boil water and cook simple meals with direct sun light. Better still – no fuel is required so you can travel light.

Beach BBQ and Picnicking: Power your family beach outing. Start toasting your buns and grilling your sausages in no time as SolSource Sport heats up in minutes.

Tailgating: Set your SolSource Sport on the back of a truck, and add some solar sizzle to your tailgating party. Don’t just grill sausages and burgers – pop some solar popcorn and make some noise!

Boating: Dropped anchor in a secluded cove and ready to cook your catch of the day? Just point SolSource Sport at the sun and start cooking. SolSource Sport works even in the wind.

Preparedness: Preparing for emergencies and the unexpected? SolSource Sport is your indispensable tool: you can boil water for drinking and cook quick meals.



[images from www.kickstarter.com]

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