There are a ton of variables that contribute to life expectancy statistics but we’re thinking fresh air and an active lifestyle (including skiing and snowboarding) doesn’t hurt.

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Summit County, Colorado, where the elevation averages over 9k feet, has the longest average life expectancy in the nation at 87 years of age says a study completed by The JAMA Network. Summit County was followed closely behind by nearby Pitkin (*Aspen) and Eagle (*Vail/Beaver Creek) counties.

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NPR recently penned an article on the subject saying that the difference between the healthiest and least healthy counties in America amounts to a nearly 20 year difference in life expectancy.

“Geographic disparities in life expectancy among US counties are large and increasing. Much of the variation in life expectancy among counties can be explained by a combination of socioeconomic and race/ethnicity factors, behavioral and metabolic risk factors, and health care factors.”

According to the research study, the county with the lowest life expectancy is Oglala Lakota County, S.D., which is known for its extreme poverty and lack of high quality medical care. Oglala Lakota County residents have an average life expectancy of 67 years old. The study went on to draw connections between poverty and issues like obesity and substance abuse.


If you know anyone from the area that doesn’t act their age or someone who is looking to extend their 20’s into their 70’s, forward this along to them.

Here is a great example of Eagle County’s senior population staying active and living life to the fullest:

Find the entire JAMA study here: Inequalities in Life Expectancy Among US Counties, 1980 to 2014

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