Winter Returns This Week To The West.

Winter Returns This Week To The West.


Winter Returns This Week To The West.


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The Sierra grabbed our original forecast of 8-14 inches from the last storm favoring resorts along the Sierra Crest (Kirkwood, Squaw, Sugarbowl). Leftovers streamed into southern Montana with Big Sky reporting up to 6 inches that all fell overnight! This week sees a return of snow showers to the Sierra late this weekend and perhaps 2 additional moderate snow events by mid week!Leftovers head for the Tetons and eventually the Wasatch.

Light snow is tapering off in Montana and headed north into eastern sections of British Columbia.  Snow showers will tease the Tetons today through Saturday (1-3 inches over Grand Targhee) before slightly increasing late Sunday into Monday (2-5).  Otherwise the the powder maps are relatively quiet for the first time in several months theres not much to broadcast!  The news might be increasing moisture over the Sierra late this weekend that shows an uptick Tuesday/Wednesday followed by unseasonable cold temperatures later in the storm cycle.  Another 9-18 inches will most likely fall in many areas through the end of the week.

For the short term chases will be non existent (Unless your at Big Sky this morning), but might pull some attention in the Sierra by mid week.  The Wasatch will also gain a dose of light to moderate leftovers.

I like the southern Sierra by Tuesday PM/ Wednesday (7-12) followed by Grand Targhee or perhaps the Wasatch (Light or moderate snow) by Wednesday.

Below: Snowfall moving into the southern Sierra Tuesday.  Source: Meteostar

Extended Forecast

Snow will move back into the Sierra late Sunday.  Models show most moisture north of Interstate 80 just edging the far northern resorts with light snowfall. Most moisture aims north through Nevada and into western Wyoming Monday (Light or moderate snow).

Another system slams into the Sierra Monday night into Tuesday with a healthy tap of moisture off the Pacific.  This system bears watching with current models showing chases would favor resorts in the southern Sierra towards Mammoth.   I suspect upper areas of the southern Sierra will grab 8-14 inches of new snow by late Tuesday.  Leftovers are aimed at the Tetons and Wasatch with perhaps moderate snowfall that begins Tuesday afternoon and continues into the evening.  Wednesday AM might deliver a  moderate amount of snow (3-7) over Grand Targhee or perhaps Snowbird as it quickly moves East by Wednesday morning.

Below: Total snowfall over the Sierra for storm #2 Tuesday/Wednesday favoring southern areas

Another storm may graze the Sierra Wednesday or Thursday with much colder air and light or moderate snowfall. Its too far out for any accuracy but likely to happen.

Colorado might be on the southern edge of some moisture up north mid week.   Models show a possible Front Range upslope flow by the end of next week with a chance of a decent amount of rain or snow Thursday.

We are winding down the season but it never fails some decent dumps happen into April and May just when your not paying attention!   I hope to continue the chase forecast for another 1-2 weeks and hang things up for the season.  I was mountain biking in Park City yesterday where the temperatures hit near 70 degrees!

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