This DIY Ultralight IKEA Backpack Looks KICKASS!

This DIY Ultralight IKEA Backpack Looks KICKASS!


This DIY Ultralight IKEA Backpack Looks KICKASS!


Photo Credit: Mitch From San Diego

For only $6, this is one RAD pack!

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Tired of paying over $450 for an ultra light day-pack whose only job is to hold shit inside?

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But instead of floundering and forking over his credit card to some REI clerk, Mitch from San Diego turned that frustration into ingenuity and ultimately created an ultra light backpack for roughly $6 bucks.

“This caught my interest and 1 hour later I had purchased a few Ikea bags for $6, and started hacking them up. I may even start selling them so let me know if you are interested.”

Using Ikea, reusable shopping bags, Mitch took some design elements from a reddit post and amplified the style by employing cordage, clips, and mesh to make what is most likely the best bang-for-your-buck daypack on the market.

*Mitch is wondering whether he should start making the backpacks for more people so let him know if you want one here.

Find the entire post here: My IKEA Backpack

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