Mountain Pass
Clearing the pass with backhoes | Photo Credit: Unidad de Pasos Fronterizos
Normally Los Libertadores Pass connects Chile to Argentina in what is considered one of the most vital thoroughfares in the Andes.

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The mountain pass accesses ski areas such as Portillo in Chile and Penitentes in Argentina but after 10 feet of snow fell on the Argentina/Chilean border, the pass was forced to close for a record-setting 15 days.

What resulted was a transit shit show of epic proportions.

After Weeks of digging, waiting for avalanche danger to subside, and road maintenance, the Chilean government finally opened the pass this week with over 1,200 cargo trucks sitting in bumper to bumper traffic as they wait to deliver their goods to Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil.

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Thankfully, the road is clear just in time for Portillo’s opening weekend. The resort was literally stranded until just recently by snowbanks over 6 feet tall.

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