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Rax Region | Photo Credit: karfas | Cover Photo: Mike Goren

Sometimes gapers can be a little too much for guides. In Austria, it appears as though one guide had more than too much after reportedly getting drunk and ditching a group of 60 Hungarian tourists while hiking in the Rax mountain range in the Austrian Alps.

According to the Telegraph, Emergency services were called in by a man in the group who was concerned for himself and his daughter as bad weather began approaching their location.

12 mountain guides eventually lead the group of 60 off the mountain, where they found the mountain guide had descended by himself. Although he refused to explain his disappearance, he denied being drunk. The guide in question was not subject to a breathalyzer.

Mountaineering expert, Gerhard Rieglthalner later told Kronen Zeitung, “The man was unprofessional and he was not a trained mountain guide.”

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