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While pro skiers and drugs have long been intertwined (see: Spider Sabich in the 1970’s), it’s not often that pro skiers and snowboarders turn drug kingpins.

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In Australia, that’s exactly what’s happened as two pro snow-sports athletes are facing lengthy jail sentences after police broke up a drug ring that supplied ecstasy, cocaine, and ice to New South Wales during the 2015 ski season reports ABC.

The drug ring included 25 year-old pro Snowboarder and clothing brand owner Benjamin Adam Miles, who just plead guilty to 5 counts of supplying drugs worth roughly $300,000. Miles’ sentence is currently 8 years while his pro skier accomplice, Julian Edward Abraham will spend 4 and 1/2 years behind bars. Abraham plead guilty to 3 counts of supplying the drugs in question during August of 2015.

According to the The New South Wales District Court, Miles had his customers use the terms, “cheeseburgers, drinks, and fries” when referring to the drugs. If all three were requested, it amounted to a “meal deal.” Ultimately the two were busted by police in the Bullock Flats car park on August 27, 2015.

Miles is eligible for parole starting in 2020 while Abraham’s release is scheduled for February of 2018.

Find the entire ABC article here: Professional snowboarder, skier jailed over NSW snow season drug ring

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