Photo Credit: Aspen Snowmass Facebook Page
Photo Credit (+Cover Photo): Aspen Snowmass Facebook Page

It’s actually happening— The FIS World Cup Finals are coming to Aspen Mountain.

According to the Aspen Times, the International Ski Federation reached the decision to hold the finals @Aspen during their recent meeting in Cancun, Mexico. And although Cancun seems like a funny place for a bunch of skiers to meet, it seems as though the influence of spicy margaritas had a positive effect on the FIS, who haven’t held a finals outside Europe since 1997.

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People close to the situation indicated that members of the FIS gave Aspen officials an ultimatum that the aging Lift 1A would need to be replaced before a World Cup final could take place on the iconic American ski hill. However, Aspen officials rebuked that claim saying they were never given such a warning.

“This is likely the biggest ski-racing event ever held in Aspen, and that’s saying something.” – John Rigney, Skico Vice President of Sales and Events

But with the finals confirmed, Lift 1A upgrades are likely to proceed but a timeline is still uncertain for the old school double. In the meantime, Aspen locals are stoked to have the chance to watch their favorite American skiers compete on home turf against the best in the world.

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