Snow Guns Are Already Firing In New Zealand

Snow Guns Are Already Firing In New Zealand


Snow Guns Are Already Firing In New Zealand


With the ski season winding down in North America (Kind of…), the southern hemisphere is itching to get started. Among those already prepping the slopes are Coronet Peak and Mt Hutt.

The two New Zealand ski resorts recently fired up their snow guns on Monday night after temperatures dipped below 32°F. Those freezing temperatures allowed for a very productive evening of snowmaking. Coronet Peak was especially productive in their snowmaking efforts with temperatures plummeting to 20°F and according to, the ski area was able to produce 21,189 cubic feet of snow in only 12 hours!

Coronet Peak boasts the largest system snowmaking system in New Zealand with a total of 217 guns.

Mt Hutt on the other hand experienced temperatures dipping below 18°F and they too got their fair share of snow on the ground. Complimented by natural snow, the southern island ski area had the opportunity to produce 3 tons of snow per minute on their main trails reports


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