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Photo: Karen Olsen Richardson

It’s long been considered a rule of thumb to leave natural habitats and their inhabitants untouched and undisturbed. However, a father-son duo disobeyed that rule over the weekend while visiting Yellowstone National Park and their actions are having serious repercussions.

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According to the East Idaho News, the two put a Bison calf in the back of their SUV because they were worried it was cold and lost. Actually, the bison was neither cold nor lost and by taking it away from the herd, the father and son actually put themselves in danger and ensured the baby Bison’s death.

Once alerted to the situation, park rangers ticketed the tourists and attempted to reintroduce the animal to its herd. However, once removed from the group reintroduction can prove extremely hard if not impossible. Such was the case with the bison in question. Ultimately, park officials were forced to euthanize the animal after the herd refused to accept it back into the fold.

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