Photo Credit: Marin Museum Of Bicycling | Cover Photo:
Photo Credit: Marin Museum Of Bicycling | Cover Photo: Grit & Thistle Film Company

Back in 2009, mountain biking pioneer Mike Rust discovered that his house in Saguache, Colorado had been ransacked. Items were stolen and the 62 year-old was furious. According to Westword, Rust called a friend claiming that his home had just been robbed and he was going to find out who was responsible. And while he left groceries on the table, his phone, and off-road motorcycle equipment, he didn’t neglect to grab his beloved .22 caliber pistol before hopping on a motorcycle to track down the culprits.

After that call, Mike Rust was never heard from again.

Although authorities initially suspected murder, his body was never found. That all changed this past January. During the inaugural month of 2016, an anonymous tip lead members of the Saguache County Sheriff’s Office to the remains of an unidentified individual near the intersection of highways 17 and 285. Since then, the remains have been positively identified as Michael Damian Rust reports

“The bicycle has a great past ahead of it”Mike Rust

The findings have brought both closure and questions to Rust’s friends and family. For one, his remains have been found but questions as to how Rust passed remain unanswered. As of now, police are keeping their investigation confidential and cause of death has yet to be released.

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